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The Sight of Shiva

Parvataraja came to know that Shiva was now in penance-grove at Gangavatara. The spot was not very far from Oushadhi- prastha. He went to see Shiva. Shiva was sitting in meditation with closed eyes. Giriraja sang in praise of Lord Shiva. Once Shiva opened his eyes just a little. Then Giriraja said, "Great Lord Ishwara, I am ready, at your service. Command me, for your needs."

"Parvataraja, my penance should go on uninterrupted. For that only I need help. People from your town flock to me here. See that no one comes like that. That is all I want from you."

Himavanta returned to his palace. He ordered that none from among hisservants and retinue, none from the palace-women or even children - should go near Shiva to see him. But he had it in his mind toappoint his daughter Parvati somehow to attend upon Shiva.

The next time when Parvataraja went to Shiva, he took Parvati along with him. Flowers, fruits and other articles of worship were with them to be offered to Shiva. Both of them sang in honour of Shiva for long and worshipped him. Shiva continued to be in his meditation. After a long time, he looked around.

Parvataraja pleaded: "O great Lord, I have brought my daughter who is a great devotee of yours. She cannot stay alive without worshipping you. Therefore do kindly permit that she may come here daily with her companions, Jaya and Vijaya, worship you and then go back."

"Parvataraja, if you so desire,you may come daily to see me. But leave your daughter at home. I am an ascetic, given to penance - and meditation. so women need not come infront me.'

Himavanta repeated his request in a variety of ways. At last Shiva had to agree that Parvati could attend on him. With cause for the mind to deviate, Those who still keep their minds firm Are really great men. Shiva had this Grit and continued with his penance.

Parvati got up at dawn every day and with her companions Jaya and Vijaya went from Oushadhiprastha to Gangavatara where Shiva sat. She took with her all articles of worship. With the water from the river Ganga, she washed Shiva's feet, offered worship and rendered all needed services. She was very beautiful. But Shiva's mind did not falter. He did not consider her as his wife.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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