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Shiva Weds Parvati

Shiva sent for the Saptarishis, the seven sages who were very wise and pious, and requested them to go to Himavanta. Parvataraja was in immense joy that the greatest of sages had come to request for his daughter to be Shiva's bride. Giriraja exclaimed "My good fortune has borne fruit! My righteousness has yielded a fragrant flower! The tree of my good race has borne fruit!" That he would be the father-in-law of Shiva, the world's, preceptor, put him into a , transport of joy. The marriage was fixed.

Parvataraja sent for Vishwakarma the architect of the angels. With his help a marriage-pavilion was built, which was extremely beautiful and a wonder to set eyes upon. The extensive hall for the marriage assembly was unique. The wedding of Shiva and Parvati was performed with great splendour.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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