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Only Manmatha Can Help

Unable to bear Taraka's harassment, sages and angels, all pious persons and Goddess Earth herself, went to Brahma and prayed for help.

Brahma said, "It is impossible for me to kill Taraka. Even Hari and Hara Cannot do it. He can be killed only by a son of Hara. If Hara has to get a son, he must marry Parvati. He is now, in penance. Parvati goes to him every day to attend upon him. But Shiva does not even open his eyes and see her. So how can this marriage come about? Of course I myself gave Taraka the boons he wanted. So I'll try to tell him not to cause unnecessary harm."

Out of respect for Brahma's words Taraka remained in his Shonitapura without attacking the angels for a while It gave the angels a little respite to meet sometimes and discuss what their course of action should be. Brahma Vishnu and Indra met together. Brihaspati, the preceptor of the angels, was sent to Taraka, to negotiate an agreement. But that Rakshasa did not yield to Plain good words or promises of gifts or even the attempt to create a dissention among his group. So there was war and the angels were defeated.

Again the angels met in conclave. They were now engaged in making Shiva stop his meditation and marry Parvati. So they sent Brihaspati to Kusumapura to fetch Manmatha. Manmatha went to them with his sugarcane bow and flowery arrows along with his consort Ratidevi, and asked them, "What do you want me to do? Please tell me."

Another name for Manmatha is Kama. "Lord Kama," Indra replied, "Now you have to confer a great benefit on the world. Taraka's wickedness has become intolerable. The one to kill him is Shiva's son, who is not yet born. But Shiva has not ended his penance. Without ending it his marriage cannot take place. Parvati who is to be his wife is near him but Shiva does not so much as look at her. Now he must be made to fall in love with Parvati. And that, only you can do."

Kama realized the importance of his role. He now thought of aiming his floral arrow at Shiva and thereby ending his tapas. Even if he had to lay down his life in this venture, he would never mind. Would he not have done a great deed for the welfare of the world? So thinking, Kama arrived with Rati at Shiva's penance-grove.

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I am pleased with your penace and your love.  You have won overr my mind
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