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Kama is Burnt

No sooner did Kama approach Shiva, than did his ally, the king of spring, also come there. The grove around Gangavatara was charged with the charm of spring. The mango trees blossomed. The ashoka trees were in sprout. The cuckoo burst into melodious music. There was a pleasant breeze and the scent of flowers spread around. The moonlight was captivating. The penance-grove of Lord Shiva looked a hypnotic realm. All this was Manmatha's influence. He then stood before Shiva. A little away stood Rati. She prayed to God that no evil should befall her husband.

Just at that time Parvati had also come as usual with fruits and flowers to worship Shiva. Her friends were also there. Parvati stood with folded hands singing in praise of Shiva. Pleased with her devotion and delighted with her sweet voice, Shiva just for a moment stopped his meditation and looked at her once. Kama decided that was the most opportune moment and got ready to make Shiva fall in love with Parvati. Unafraid of the eye of fire on Shiva's forehead, he shot five of his arrows of flowers at his heart. Shiva's tapas were broken.

This made Shiva terribly angry. He opened the fiery eye on his forehead. With a frightening noise a fierce blazing flame burst forth. It seemed the fire of final destruction had struck the body of Kama. As he stood, he was reduced to ashes. Shiva, smearing his body with the same ash, disappeared.

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Parvati- Consort Of Lord Shiva. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha.
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