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'This is Certain'

The holy sage Narada once came to Oushadhiprastha in the course-of his sojourn. It was his wont to show the right part to good men who might at any time be worried not knowing what they should do in life. Likewise he would go to wicked people like a well-wisher and put them on the path of self-destruction. With this purpose he had the habit of roving around in all the three worlds and-upholding piety to God by singing songs of devotion. Thus when Narada came there, Giriraja and Mena welcomed him, saluted him and honored him with all hospitality. They called Parvati also to salute him. Mutual enquiries followed.

"O wise sage, my daughter Parvati is now grown into a young maid, What is her future, and who will marry her?"

"Listen, Parvataraja. She who in her previous birth was Dakshayani andplunged to her death in the sacrificial fire because of her devotion to her husband is now your daughter. Only Shiva can wed her and none else. There is no doubt that she will marry Lord Shiva. It is not possible to please Shiva by mere external beauty or fondness. Piety, worship and penance these are the ways of earning his favour. Parvati will certainly obtain Shiva’s favour and marry Him through her penance and meditation. This is certain. "So saying, Narada left.

Parvati was very happy with Narada’s words. It was like wishing for milk, and getting it too, because Parvati had determined that thoughout her life thereafter, her days should be spent only in the serviice of Shiva and in meditaing upon him.

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There is no doubt that she will marry lord Shiva
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