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Long ago there was a sage by name Kashyapa. From Diti, who was one of his wives, ensued the Rakshasa race. Her son Vajranga married Varaangi and their son was the Rakshasa Taraka. He performed severe penance to please Brahma, the Creator, and obtained two boons from Him. The first boon was that there should be no one more powerful than he himself was. The second boon was that his death could come only from a son born to Shiva, who would, on the seventh day itself, fight with him as commander. Taraka was very bold and confident because Shiva was already deeply lost in penance and had no wife. So no son could be born.

Taraka was ruthless and wicked. He hated sacrifices, charity, benevolen and righteousness. He was intolerant of people given to penance. Only Shiva could go on meditaing, because it was his own advantage. Taraka felt that nobody in the world should acquire knowledge or become intelligent. But they may drink, to any extent. The angels were afraid of his arrogance and shivered with fear. They behaved like his slaves.

Taraka killed all kings who ruled over their subjects righteously. He drove away the deities guarding the Cardinal Directions and oppressed the angels. He destroyed the hermitages of the sages and had the homes and hearths of good men set fire to. He pitilessly put to death all pious people and all the three worlds were full of pained cries.

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