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Seat of Education-Priest

Bharadwaja's proclamation spread in several countries. Numerous students came to Bharadwaja for education. For their convenience a hostel was built and a school was started on the banks of the Saraswati river. It was here that Bharadwaja's famous son Garga was born.

As time passed, the number of students in the school increased. The hermitage on the banks of the Saraswati river rever- berated to the chanting of the Vedas. In addition to the Vedas, the people of the warrior community were taught the use of arms and the administration of justice.

Do not the students in the hermitage need food and clothing? It is the ruling kings who provided them. On hearing of the influence and greatness of Sage Bharadwaja, a number of kings used to visit the hermitage. 'They were makind generous gifts to the school. Hundred of cows were given to the ashram to provide milk.

There was another reason for this affectionate pride of the kings. The kings were imploring Bharadwaja constantly to become their Royal Priest. In those days a priest was essential for a ruling king. It is the priest who crowns a kind. It is the priest who shows the path of righteous conduct. His advice is important in administration. In, times of distress, it is he-who protects the king by hiscleverness. Sometimes the priest was so learned that he could teach those warrior sons the art and science of war too. Bharadwaja was an adept in all these matters. Born in divinity and beloved of the gods, he was a great man. What else is needed?

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