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Continuing Bharata's Lineage

Bharata had adopted Bharadwaja. Bharata had no other children. There fore, Bharadwaja could have become the emperor. But Bharadwaja had no love for the kingdom. The words of the gods had taken root in his mind. Had they not said, you must impart what you have learnt to others? Righteousness must be established; people should be taught how to live a noble life one's example. Therefore, Bharadwaja arranged one more religious sacrifice by Bharata. He praised and invoked Agni. "O Lord Agni, please get rid of Emperor Bharata's worry and grant him what he wants," he said.

The prayer bore fruit. In due cot Bharata got a son named Bhimanyu. As Bharata died around that time, the duty of Bharadwaja increased. Staying in the palace till Bhimanyu came of age, he guided him and crowned him.Bharadwaja's action in thus saving the dynasty was a great deed. it is in Bharata's dynasty that, later, righteous men like the Pandavas were born.

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