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Divodasa's Appeal

Divodasa, who got back his kingdom due to the grace of Bharadwaja, ruled the country well for a long time. Earlier his enemies had destroyed his capital Kashi. With the help of Indra he built a new capital by name Varanasi.

Vatsa was a state adjoining Divodasa's kingdom. Veetahavya was its king. In earlier times he was ruling as asubordinate of Divodasa. As time passed, the number of his sons and grandchildren exceeded a hundred likewise his greed grew. At a favorable time all members ofVeetahavyas side attacked Divodasa's kingdom.

By that time Divodasa had grown old. He had no longer the strength and ability to face the enemies. He was defeated. However without becoming a prisoner of the enemies, he somehow escaped and reached Bharadwaja's hermitage with his wife. He narrated his troubles to Bharadwaja:

"0 great soul, Veetahavyas of Haihaya dynasty have occupied all my territories. I am not afraid of war. But the army of the enemies is vast. They are sure to win. I have no children at all. If I die in fighting, my dynasty will cease to exist. Therefore, I came here to seek your advice."

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