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Fate of the People

Taking leave of Bhimanyu, Bharadwaja went on a pilgrimage. He covered numerous countries san kingdoms. He met a number of ascetics in places of meditation. He went to Mount Kailas and met Bhrigu in the hermitage. Bhrigu was also a learned and respectable ascetic. They discussed the state of the world, religious and other matters.

By this pilgrimage on foot, Bharadwaja saw what his proper future course of action should be. There was poverty all over the world. Assuming that might is right, the well to do were plundering the poor. Every moment people were subjected to fear of evildoers.Hordes of demonsVaarashikha's and 'Shambara'- were harassing the people. They had no respect for righteous conduct, kindness or morality. Every place was full of murder, extortion, torture and immoral behavior. There was strife everywhere. There was. None to lead the people. The rulers here and there were afraid of the demons and somehow passing time.

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Bharadwaja- The sage of the Vedic period..
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