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Blessing Divodasa

Bharadwaja was kind-hearted. He took pity on Divodasa. "Don't fear; I will ensure that you will not come to grief," he promised. Divodasa stayed in Bharadwaja’s hermitage itself with his wife.

Bharadwaja instructed Divodasa toperform religious ceremonies to beget children. At an auspicious time Divodasa's queen delivered a male child. The child, named Pratardana, eventually became famous as a virtuous person.

Bharadwaja himself taught Pratardana the art of war with bow and arrow andeducated him in yoga. By the time he was thirteen he gathered an army of youth resident in the forest.

Divodasa's joy was boundless. In Bharadwaja's hermitage itself he was crowned as a prince. After that an armor was put on him and he was given bows and arrows. "Pratardana, vanquish the enemies and repay your father'sgratitude," blessed by Bharadwaja.

A fierce battle was fought on the banks of the river Ganga. All Veetahavyas lost their lives. Only the aged Veetahavya survived; he went to Bhrigu's hermitage and became an ascetic.

Even though Pratardana followed Veetahavya up to Bhrigu's hermitage, on knowing what had happened, he became calm. He received Bhrigu's blessings and returned. Thereafter, Divodasa, after crowing his son as king, returned to Bharadwaja's hermitage for meditation.

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