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Violence by the Demons

Mention has previously been made of the Vaarashikha demons. Varashikhas children were Varashikhas. Demon Parama was the eldest of them. He had a hundred younger brothers. Their capital was situated on the banks of the river Hariyoopeeya. They were all wicked, avaricious and were constantly harassing people. They possessed a large army. They had learnt to wear protective armors; which would be invisible to others. Arrows shot by the enemies in war would hit the armor and become useless; they could not petrate the body. Thus no warriors could face them. Consequently, the whole world was in fear of them.

Vaarashikhas invaded the kingdom of Abhyavarti. They interrupted religious ceremonies, destroyed dwellings, cut off the heads of people, even of children and of women, and plundered the property they could lay their hands on.

To assist Abhyavarti's army, Divodasa also arrived. Both faced the Vaarashikhas and fought. But the demon had the upper hand. The armies of the kings sustained losses, and defeat seemed certain. Seeing no way out, Abhyavarti and Divodasa escaped and reached Bharadwaja's hermitage.

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