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Service to the Country

Divodasa was a kingly sage who led the life of an ascetic and unfailingly gave what was sought. Service of the guests was for him service of god. So was emperor Abhyavarti, humble, god's devotee and beloved of the people. Those two became Bharadwaja's commendable followers.

The two kings arranged a celebration to commemorate their victory. It was a grand celebration. Lakhs of people had assembled. People and ascetics had come from distant places. Gifts were given and offerings were made liberally.

In the presence of the full assembly, both the kings washed the feet of Bharadwaja and his son Garga. After that, they heaped the riches such as pearls and diamonds, which they had brought after victory over the demons a huge mountain of riches. Surprised, Bharadwaja asked, "What is this?"

"O, great man, this is the wealth we brought from the demons after defeating them. We won only on account of your help. Therefore, all this is your property," said the two kings.

Bharadwaja laughed. "For me who is in the forest, what use are these? Why do I need these silver and gold articles? Money, which breeds greed, is very bad. Desire begets sins," said Bharadwaja.

"O great man, in any case, we have given these wealth to you as a gift. Use it as you will," said Abhyavarti and Divodasa. In admiration of the righteousness of the kings and generous sacrifice of Bharadwaja, all the gods appeared there. Indra, varuna, Agni and others said in praise of the ascetic: "O Bharadwaja, you are an effulgence descended from heaven to illumine the earth; a sage who saved the vedas; and eminent seer who established peace on earth."

Bharadwaja explained to the gods the charitable nature of Abhyavarti and Divodasa and said: "Charity is a great virtue. Gift is an exemplary service. Let the names of these two kings remain enshrined in the Vedas, for all time."

The valuable articles were all loaded onto chariots and taken away. Bharadwaja distributed them among the poor and humble folk. By this gift the subjects became prosperous.

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