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Among the Gods

Bharadwaja again undertook a pilgrimage. This time he was satisfied that people were contented and had no problems. Every place he visited, along with Atri and other eminent sages, became a hallowed place of pilgrimage. To this day there are numerous pond and tanks which bear the names of the Seven Sages.

Bharadwaja’s hermitage on the banks of the river Saraswati became a place for contemplation. The Vedic recital by the large number of students cast a holy influence on every tree of the hermitage. In the peaceful forest in which the hermit was living even wild animals lived in harmony as if they had changed their nature.

Gradually age overtook the sage. After prolonged contemplation one day he opened his eyes slowly. Dawn was about to break. The chirping of birds was pleasant to hear. All around there was greenery and cold breeze was blowing mixed with the pleasant fragrance of flowers. Nearby his wife Susheeladevi was seated. She folded her hands and was looking skyward.

Bharadwaja had offered prayers to the morning goddess Usha. In an orderly manner he offered his prayers to all the gods.

"Goddess Usha (Dawn), when you appear birds fly out of their nests. People move about to earn their bread. Bestow wealth on your worshippers. O Pooshan, grant us the company of the wise.... 0 Soma and Rudra, end all epidemic diseases. Fill our bodies with sickness- resistant materials Indra and Varuna, grant us the power to get over sins, just as people cross a flood by means of a ferry."

This is not a prayer offered by Bharadwaja for his own self. But it is a prayer offered by the ascetic for the good of the entire mankind.

There emerged an extraordinary flash in the sky. Gods showered flowers on the Bharadwaja couple. A heavenly chariot appeared. Indra and other gods bowed to the holy being and said: "Great soul, we welcome you to make heaven your abode." Assuming a celestial form, the Bharadwaja couple boarded the chariot and reached heaven.

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We Welcome you to make heaven your abode
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