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Indra’s Assistance

There was a flash like lighting in the fireplace. Indra appeared.

"Bharadwaja, let your wish be fulfilled. Tell me what I can do for you."

"God Indra, you reign over this world with the help of the Maruts. The demons are harassing the people of the world proudly thinking that they are superior. Put them down. I am praying to you for these children of the earth, for the good of the cattle and for food and water for all."

"Be it so; we Gods, we will help these valiant Kshatriyas to enable them to defeat the demons and uphold righteousness. With the help of the Ashwini'gods, gather wealth to procure war material."

Indra disappeared. Bharadwaja prayed to the Ashwini gods. They showed Bharadwaja a hidden treasure. Bharadwaja brought that treasure and gave it to Divodasa.

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