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Sage - Glorious Being

Bharat is well known as the homeland of sages. Among them Bharadwaja was the most renowned. Even now, on Rishipanchami day, the Bharadwaja couples are worshipped with reverence.

In the Sixth Part of Rigveda there are hymns attributed to Bharadwaja. There are also hymns of Bharadwaja's disciples Garga, Payu, Suhotra and others. The names of Abhyavarti and Divodasa or Prastoka are also mentioned In Rigveda. Westerners too have praised the greatness "So long as the rivers a last, the fame of Rigveda said Max Muller, the well-known scholar.

Thus did the great sag live for the spread of knowledge and for welfare of the people. A great soul, he was not tempted by the to become an emperor but to serve the people. He acquired  extensive knowledge with strenuous effort; he disseminated it for the welfare of the world. The clash between the good people and the bad people has been in this world for thousands of  years. Even in Bharadwaja’s time such confrontations were going on. In that clash, by protecting the good people, Bharadwaja stood like a fortress protecting the good people. extraordinary scholarship and might of Bharadwaja, numerous kings accepted him as their preceptor and ruled as ordered by him. But even among kings he sought out the righteous. He extended support only when people followed the tenets of righteousness enunciated by him. The wealth his warrior pupils offered at his feet, this great soul gave away as a gift to humanity. The vow that he took deserves to be the vow for all time in the hearts of all sages, all warriors and all rich people: "All people are my relatives. For their service my life is dedicated.

My strength acquired by meditation and strength of body I will use for the benefit of the people."

Sage Bharadwaja spent his life bridging the earth and the heaven as it were. A sage who spread the fame of Bharat by his wisdom, meditation, kindness and service of the people.

Remembering him every morning is auspicious:

Bharadwajam mahashantam


Aksha-srag-gandha-hastam cha

Munim Angirasam bhaje I

"To Bharadwaja who is holding the sacred beads and looks serene, husband of Susheeladevi, of the dynasty of Angiras, I humbly bow."

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