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To Emperor Bharata

The names of Dushyanta and Shakuntala are famous in Bharat Emperor Bharata is their son. Equal in valor to Indra, he was a virtuous king. His wife Sunandadevi was chaste and devoted. They had no children. None of the children born to them had survived. They performed a religious sacrifice 'Maruisoma' on the banks of the Ganga in order to get children. The Marudgana-gods accompanied by Bharadwaja came to the pla6e of the religious ceremony. They pointed out Bharadwaja to emperor Bharata and said: "0 king, this person is born in the Angiras lineage. As you have no children, you may adopt him as a son. He will bring glory to your race."

Bharata became free from worry. At the proper age, Bharadwaja was married. His wife was Susheela. Befitting her name, she was a righteous woman, her character matching her beauty – a wife suited to Bharadwaja. Bharadwaja saluted Bharata for his blessings and kindness.

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