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Uncared Child

A male child lying on the shore of the divine Ganga river!

"How pretty this baby is! Golden-colored body. Looks like a just-born child. Its face has the radiance of the sun, and lustre of the moon. He is shivering possibly due to hunger and cold. Is there nobody to care for him? Who left him in this condition? Poor soul!"

The Marudgana-gods (celestial beings) spoke among themselves thus. They took the babe in their arms. They fondled and kissed him. Then there was heard a voice from heaven:

"This baby will be a great soul, a savior of the world, a sage radiating the light of wisdom."

If so, this great soul should not remain an orphan. He must be brought up properly. That is our duty. So thought the Marudgana-gods. The child, unwanted by his parents, grew up in the cradle of the gods. He was the loved one of the gods. That is Bharadwaja!

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