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In the Service of Mankind

The Marudgana-gods saw Bharadwaja coming clothed sparsely, carrying the holy jug and a string of beads. His serene face exuded radiance. The Vedic scholar, the seer, the embodiment of wisdom, Bharadwaja prostrated before the Marudgana-gods. They fondly embraced Bharadwaja and said: "Great soul, although young in age, by virtue of your knowledge, you deserve our veneration. You are a teacher to us also. Knowledge is more important than age."

To bless Bharadwaja, a number of groups of gods arrived - Surya, Chandra, Agni, Varuna, Pushan, and Saraswati. To all the gods Bharadwaja made obeisance. Said they to Bharadwaja:

"Bharadwaja, give as gift to the people of the world the wisdom of the Vedas. Establish morality. Teach people how to live a righteous life. Peace in the world has been disturbed by the menace of the wicked demons. Try to overcome them. In your efforts for this, we will help you."

Bharadwaja bowed to their orders. "From this moment my life is set apart for service."

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