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Rakshasa Army is razed

Now the angels were in high spirits. With renewed courage they killed many of the
Rakshasas. Some Rakshasas fled, and some others begged to be spared.

The angels in joy brought down a rain of flowers. Learning that Kumara had killed
Taraka, Shiva went there with Parvati, and both blessed and caressed the son. The
women of heaven came down to perform 'Aarati' to Kumara. There was divine music and the sages chanted Vedic hymns in blessing.

Kartikeya later came to know that Krauncha and Banasura, two Rakshasa followers of
Taraka, who had both, run away after the war, were troubling people near the mountains. Even from where he was, Kartikeya shot arrows and killed them. Another demon Pralamba was teasing Adishesha's son Kumuda, who prayed to Kartikeya in his pain. Kartikeya meditated on Shiva and sent his 'Shakti' weapon. The invincible weapon killed Pralamba, destroyed his army also and returned to Kartikeya.

Thus Kartikeya destroyed the wicked Rakshasas who troubled the world. All good people admired and worshipped him. He helped the angels to remain in their place happily. Then he returned to his city near Kailasa.

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