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Who Should Stop Taraka?

The Angels and the Demons stood prepared for the war, with their armies in definite formations. The fight began. Spears and swords, bows and arrows, clubs, axes and rope-slings were all employed as well as many other varieties of weapons. Duels, wrestling, fights with army formations at close quarters - all such methods were used in the terrific battle. Thousands lay dead on the battle field and several thousand others were wounded. The field was crisscrossed with streams of blood.

Indra, the king of the angels, fought with Taraka and was defeated. Veerabhadra 
engaged Taraka in a severe encounter for a long time. Then with determination to defeat the enemy, Mahavishnu himself fought with Taraka. But he fellunconscious, hit by the 'Shakti' weapon of Taraka. Recovering quickly yet, he roared like a lion and felled Taraka with his 'Chakra' or the wheel- weapon . Taraka stood up again and it seemed an unending fight between equals.

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