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Assault on Indra's Heaven

Shurapadma resolved to march on Indra's Heaven with his Rakshasa army. His son
Bhanukopa came and said, "Father, please permit me to go to Heaven with the army. I will crush the opposing angels and fetch Shachi."

Shurapadma agreed and the Rakshasa hordes marched on Devaloka, the Heaven of the angels under Indra.

Indra was really afraid because he already had a taste of the prowess of Tarakasura. He had heard that Shurapadma was mightier than Tarakasura. He consulted his minister and priest, Brihaspathi, as to what he should do. Unknown to any, Indra, with his consort Shachi, came to a forest called Shrikashi near Chidambaram.

The angels were distraught because they could not see their king Indra and did not know where he had gone. Brihaspati consoled them and made Jayanta, the son of Indra, the leader of the angels. He also ordered that preparations be started, for the angels to confront Shurapadma and fight.

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