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The Commander

Kartikeya was after all the son of Shiva. So it did not take long for him to become strong and powerful. His body developed rugged strength in a few days. There was a remarkable brightness about him. His intelligence was immense. Valor and virtue were combined in him. All knowledge and the power of expression came to him very soon.Everyone who saw him felt a thrill and a delight.

There were festival everyday in Kailasa, the abode of Shiva and Parvati. God Brahma himself performed the early rituals like Jatakarma to Kumara. Shiva and Parvati blessed Kumara saying that he should kill the wicked and protect Dharma and righteous- ness. Shiva made Kumara sit on a throne studded with gems, and, anointing him with the sacred waters of holy rivers declared him the commander of the army of angels.

On that occasion the different deities and angels made gifts of various powerful weapons and mystic powers to Kartikeya. The Sun God presented him with a chariot, which had the speed of thought. Yama, the Lord of the Netherworld, gave him Danda. Agni the Fire God gave him theMahashakti and Aruna gave Kartikeya the Kukkuta bird symbolizing the eternity of time. The Kukkuta or the cock became Kartikeya's pennant also. And he rode on thepeacock.

Shiva sent Kartikeya with all other angels to kill Tarakasura. They all started from 
Kailasa. Meanwhile, the divine architect Tvashta had built a city near the silver 
mountain Rajatadri for Kartikeya. The city had in it a palace, which contained a big 
assembly hall and a throne in it. Mahavishnu made Kartikeya sit on that throne and in a grand festival declared hi m the master of the entire universe. Kumara now became the Protector of the Universe.

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