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Who is Taraka?

Brahma's son was Marichi who had a son by name Kashyapa. Of the two wives
Kashyapa had, Aditi gave birth to Indra and other angels. They lived in heaven. Kashyapa's other wife Diti gave birth to Daityas or Rakshasas (Demons). These were wicked persons and hated the angels.

Vairanga was one of the sons of Diti. His wife was Varangi who bore him a son,

Another Rakshasa who was born to Diti married Surasa, also known as Maya. Their
children were Shurapadma, Simhamukha and Ajamukhi.

When Taraka was born, it appears, there were many terrible omens as if to indicate that he would cause a lot of trouble to the world. The whole earth trembled. A storm arose. The oceans were disturbed and the very mountains shook. Wild beasts made terrible sounds.These bad omens plunged all good men into grief.

Taraka and Shurapadma grew up. They were very courageous and strong. Tarak
became the Rakshasa Emperor in Shonitapura and similarly Shurapadma in

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