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Angels are Defeated

The Rakshasa army attacked the kingdom of the angels. The wicked Rakshasas forcibly entered every home, dragged and molested the women and snatched their jewels. They mercilessly killed thechildren. They beat everyone they saw, shouting, "Show us your Indra." "Where is Shachi?" they shouted, and beat up the angels further. They rampaged and spoiled the beautiful gardens of Heaven and set fire to houses.

The army of the angels opposed the Rakshasa hordes. Commanders like Bhanuka and Renuka fought and were defeated. Jayanta came to the battlefield and fought bravely. But Bhanukopa vanquished him and took him captive. Though the angels' kingdom of Heaven was searched thoroughly, Indra and Shachi could nowhere be found. Bhanukopa looted great wealth from Heaven and having it carried by the captive angels, returned to the capital city of Veeramahendra.

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