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"My Goat is missing"

Once a person by name Narada came to Kartikeya and said, "0 Lord, I was performing the sacred 'Ajamedha' sacrifice. But the 'ajar' (goat) which is to be killed and offered as sacrifice has disappeared. I have searched in vain. Some angels or Rakshasas must have taken it away. The sacrificial rites have come to a halt. You are the protector of all
sacrifices and the Lord of the Universe. You are the son of Shiva, the highest deity in any sacrifice. You protect those who are supplicants and fulfil the desires of all virtuous persons. Please get back for me that goat so that my ritual may be completed."

Kartikeya sent Veerabahu, one of  heroes, to search for Narada's goat.

There was no sign of that goat anywhere in the world. Then Veerabahu went to
Vaikunta, the world of Mahavishnu, and found it there. He learnt that as ordered by
Vishnu, his men had taken the goat there to protect its life. Veerabahu brought the goat to Kartikeya. But Kartikeya kept quiet, without immediately handing over the goat to Narada.

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