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Among the boys who displayed extra- ordinary courage and heroism for the welfare of the world, the very first one was Kartikeya. Even as a child he was an unparalleled hero. He destroyed the wicked, protected the virtuous and upheld 'Dharma' or the path of virtue. His learning was unequalled. He also brought into vogue the performance of sacrifices without the killing of animals.

The temples of the deity Subrahmanya are seen in many places in our country. 
"Subrahmanya Shashti", or the sixth day of a particular fortnight in the Hindu almanac, 
is a sacred day for Hindus. A very large number of devotees offer special worship on the "Shashti" days.The great seer Sankara- charya has composed a hymn in Sanskrit language in praise of Subrahmanya. It is called the "Subrahmanya Bhujanga Stotra". By killing the wicked Rakshasas Taraka and Shurapadma, Kartikeya demonstrated that however strong and intelligent the wicked may be, they will finally be punished and vanquished. Tarakasura was so proud thinking that he had obtained a boon from Brahma with such cleverness and there could be no death for him. Evil can prosper for sometime and seem to win. But its final defeat and destruction are inevitable. This truth has been upheld in our mythology in various ways and in the rise and fall of many personages.

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