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One More Evil

Though the angels were freed from a lot of harassment with the death of Taraka, their 
happiness and peace were short-lived. There was that other Rakshasa, Shura- padma, as strong as Taraka himself. He lived in the city called Veeramahendra. He had married Padmakomala, the daughter of Vishwakarma, the architect of the angels. He had sons by name Bhanukopa, Agnimukha, Hiranyaka, Vajrabahu and others who were all valiant and wicked. He had brought for them brides from among the Devas, Rakshasas, Gandharvas, Siddhas, Vidyadharas, humans and Nagas and made the Rakshasa group increases and multiplies. And all those members of the community were harassing good men, doing wicked deeds and spreading injustice and vice.

Even as people felt a little relieved that at last Tarakasura had died and they had 
escaped his oppression, the torture by Shurapadma and his clan began. Who could put an end to this now? The sage Narada thought that Kartikeya, who had killed the wicked Taraka, should himself destroy Shurapadma too.

So Narada, singing the praise of the Lord as usual, went to the city of Veera- mahendra. He told Shurapadma- "Indra's wife Shachidevi is a gem among women. If you are able to bring her and keep her with you for yourself, then you would also have avenged the death of your brother Taraka at the hands of Kartikeya, as planned by Indra."

Narada knew that tendering good advice to the wicked Rakshasas was useless. Such 
Rakshasas had to be provoked into further evil deeds so that they would be destroyed  by their own sins. This was the method followed by Narada.

Shurapadma with his Rakshasa qualities felt that the advice of the sage was a favor to him. He began efforts to capture Shachidevi.

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