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The Fight

Shurapadma was seated in his court. A messenger rushed in and informed him that Kartikeya's army had laid siege to the city.

"Has a flock of sheep come to fall into the mouth of the roaring hungry lion? It's very
good then. Come, March on for the war," said Shurapadma. All his brothers, sons and other Rakshasa heroes stood up. Each one uttered words of impressive valor, like - "An elephant is not needed to defeat dogs. I can crush all those angels." Shurapadma gave them his consent, and they marched on the enemy.

Bhanukopa was in the lead. Shanmukha asked Veerabahu to engage him. It was a bitter battle. Arrows with the mystic power of the 'mantras' were used. In the end Veerabahu pierced Bhanukopa with a spear and killed him. Thousands of Rakshasa heroes including Shurapadma's other sons and brothers also died.

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