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Shurapadma's End

Finally Shurapadma himself came to the battlefield with mad courage, thinking that he would kill Kartikeya. The two began a severe fight. Kartikeya cut the arrows of
Shurapadma, made his chariot tumble, and snatched away his sword too. Then
Shurapadma took his club.

Kartikeya said, "in a man like you, immoral and desiring another's wife, no weapon can be effective, Can one who gives up morals secure victory?" Saying so, Kartikeya shattered his club into pieces.

Then Shurapadma began to fight with his supernatural powers and tricks. He created
several types of wild animals and many ugly and terrible spirits and Rakshasas.

Kartikeya was not afraid. Just to see at what level was the mind of Shurapadma,
Kartikeya with his divine power showed him the 'Vishwaroopa,' his Cosmic Shape.
Shurapadma was overawed. But there was in him no righteous mood or devotion to God. He only thought, "Perhaps that boy also knows a little of magic like me."

"This Rakshasa has no love of virtue and righteousness," Kartikeya concluded. "He
has no desire for knowledge. For him, morality is bitter and unwanted. He is incapable of piety and love of God. It is useless to employ the mild method of persuasion. He has to be killed, to make the world safe."

So resolving, Kartikeya used his all- powerful 'Shakti' weapon against Shurapadma. It flew towards him emitting fire, severed his head and returned to Kartikeya. The rest of the Rakshasas ran for life. The angels brought down a rain of flowers.

Kartikeya honored all the angels who helped in the elimination of the Rakshasas. He also released all the angels who had been imprisoned by Shurapadma. Whatever treasure had been looted and brought from different places, was all sent back to those places. All the buildings, gardens and cities destroyed and burnt by the Rakshasas were got rebuilt by the help of the divine engineer Vishwakarma. Kartikeya seated Indra saiely on the throne of Heaven. He also saw to it that everyone lived in peace and happiness, following the path of virtue. Shiva praised the valor of Kumara.

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