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A Warning to Tarakasura

A huge army of the angels was formed under the command of Kartikeya for the
elimination of Tarakasura. The war cries of the soldiers and the thundering sounds of
drums and other war-like instruments echoed from all directions. Before declaring war, it is an accepted convention to send messages asking to the enemy to follow moral principles and come to terms for peace. Likewise, Indra sent a messenger to Tarakasura.The messenger told Tarakasura, 'You have done great injustice to the world. Indra, the Lord of all three worlds, is coming now to kill you. If you have a love of life, then make your peace with him. Or else, you must get ready to face the war." Taraka's anger knew no bounds. "Fool, get out of my presence," scolded Taraka and made him run away.

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