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What of Shiva?

Hearing from Brahma's words, Shiva nodded his head admiring his son's intelligence. He explained its significance in twelve lakh verses and then Kartikeya said, 'Father, it is wrong on my part to have said that Brahma did not know.'

Shiva understood Kumara's sarcasm. He also felt a little angry that Kumara implied that he, Shiva, was also ignorant. Yet affection and pride welled up in him because the son was so intelligent.

'Then how many meanings are there for this Pranava?', asked Shiva.

'Twelve crores', Kumara replied.

Shiva was wonder-struck at the wealth of knowledge Kumara possessed. With the
feeling that this wealth of knowledge should result in the welfare of the world, he replied, "Beloved Kumara, take a birth on the earth, and by teaching the significance of Omkara to the humans, help them become higher beings."

Kartikeya, as many believe, was born in a place called Shrikashi in Tamilnadu with the name of Tirujnanasambandhi. He preached the pursuit of higher knowledge, devotion to God and the path of virtue.

Shiva had married Dalkshayani whose father, Daksha, hated him. Because of this
dislike, Daksha did not invite his own daughter and son-in-Iaw to a sacrifice (yajna) which he performed. When Dakshayani went to the yajna by herself, he did not treat her with love and respect. Dakshayani, who felt humiliated, jumped into the fire and died. Later, she was born a daughter to Parvataraja. She had the name of Parvati.

Parvati was determined to marry Shiva. But Shiva was performing severe penance at
that time.

Just then a wicked Rakshasa by name Taraka was causing a lot of trouble to the world.

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