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Shiva's Order

Shiva, after his assurance to the angels, sent for Kartikeya and asked him to destroy the Rakshasas in order to protect Dharma (righteousness) in the world. In deference to the father's instruction, and also getting his mothees blessings, Kartikeya assembled the troops of the angels. Preparations were made to besiege the city of Veeramahendra.

Veerabahu, one of the heroes in Kartikeya's army, went to Shurapadma to persuade him to come to the path of virtue. He defeated all the Rakshasas who obstructed him and entered the royal court of Shurapadma. "0 Rakshasa king", he said, "Before Kartikeya, who has killed Taraka, your bravery will not be of any use. If you face him, he will certainly kill you. Therefore release all the angels. Do not indulge in injustice; do not cause cruelty to the world. Promise not to be unrighteous, and be obedient to Kartikeya."

But can wicked people be reformed by words of morality? Shurapadma was enraged. He sent a thousand of his wicked soldiers to kill Veerabahu. But Veerabahu killed all those soldiers with his valor. Kartikeya then declared, "Tomorrow I will myself kill Shurapadma."

The night was over. Next morning Kartikeya marched leading the huge army of the angels for the encounter. The army attacked Veeramahendra City.

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