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Vibheeshana's Advice Rejected

Vibheeshana spoke in a frank manner. He said, "Brother, since the visit of Hanumanta and his return, we are facing very bad times. Even our deity Lanka Devata no longer appears lustrous. The avenues
of the capital are infested with snakes and scorpions. Groups of crows and vultures circle over our houses. Ugly wails of jackals are heard day and night all over the city. The women of the city look forlorn and frightened. My beloved brother please heeds, to my words, and return Sitadevi to Sri Rama. I am not speaking out of any fear for my life; but I speak out of my affection for you. I speak so that the danger that is ahead may be prevented"

Vibheeshana's sane advice fell on Ravana's ears like molten metal pouring in. Ravana's anger was roused like a forest fire. With burning eyes, Ravana stamped his foot on the ground and thundered,
"Vibheeshana, stop your nonsense. Stop all this stupid advice. Rama and Laksh- mana are to me like straw. Sugriva, Hanumanta, Jambavanta and others are of no account. You can shut up and get out!"
Vibheeshana had to go out of the court-hall.

The whole day Ravana was distraught. He was worried that his own brother rose in revolt against him. Throughout the day his mind was drowned in distress.

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