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Vibheeshana's Honesty

In order to know the strength of Rama and Lakshmana, and their monkey army, Ravana sent two Rakshasas, Shuka and Chaarana, who had magic powers. They disguised themselves as monkey soldiers and entered the ranks of Rama's army. But Vibheeshana found them out as spies sent by Ravana. He brought them to Sri Rama under custody. But Sri Rama, who was ever kind, pardoned and released them. They went back to Ravana and told him that Sri Rama was a great hero, and it would be better to make peace byreturning Sitadevi to him. But they were derided by Ravana.

After a few days, Ravana sent another Rakshasa spy by name Shardoola to the enemy camp. Shardoola went with a few other trusted Rakshasa servants. They also disguised themselves and joined in the monkey army. Again Vibheeshana spotted them as Ravana's spies and handed them over to the commander of the monkey army. But Sri Rama, merciful as ever, freed them from the hands of the monkeys and allowed them to go back to Lanka.

Sugriva and all others now trusted Vibhee- shana as an honest ally.

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