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Vibheeshana Too Gets A Boon

Vibheeshana also took to rigorous penance and meditation. In summer he set up fires in four containers on all four sides, himself sitting in the middle. He kept one more burning fire in front of him and engaged in the 'penance of the five fires'. In the rainy season he remained in the half standing posture of 'Veerasana', exposing his whole body to heavy downpour, and carried on his meditation. He stood in bitingly cold water in winter and continued pas'. He gave up all food; the air he breathed was his only sustenance.

Brahma was pleased with his austerity and came to him. He said, "My dear boy, What do you want? Ask for any boon and I will give it."

"O Lord, I salute you again and again, a thousand times. Bless me that I may not stray from the path of virtue in my happi- ness or in difficulties. And may I have the ability to wield the great missile 'Brahmaastra' without anyone teaching me. Grant me these boons," Vibheeshana entreated.

Brahma blessed him thus - "Beloved Vibheeshana, you have a righteous mind, and so you have asked for such good boons. You have them. And on my own, I give you one more boon- that you
will be immortal."

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