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Supplication to Sri Rama

Soldiers of the monkey army of Rama saw Vibheeshana with the mace weapon in his hand and with his four Ministers coming towards them. They reported it to Sugriva. Sugriva thought that they were Ravana’s men and went to attack them.Vibheeshana flew up into the sky to protect if and with
humility said, "I am of e the youngerbrother of the wicked Rakshasa king Ravana, but I am opposed to him. My name is Vibhee- shana. I have as a supplicant to Sri Rama, to be foIlower."

Sugriva reported it to Sri Rama thus "O Lord Ramachandra, Vibheeshana says that he has come as a supplicant here with his four ministers. He says he is opposed to Ravana. But we can never believe the words of this Rakshasas.They are deceitful. Vibheeshana must have come as a spy of Ravana. He perhaps intends to kill us by some ruse."Jambavanta also doubted Vibheeshana's honesty. He said "Vibheeshana's coming like this all of a
sudden makes his intention very doubtful. He must be a hypocrite, a tiger with masked face of a cow.

Sri Rama turned to Hanumanta, as the latter had seen Vibheeshana earlier in the Rakshasa conclave in Lanka. Hanumanta gave his opinion - "Lord Ramachandra, just because Vibheeshana comes from  the wicked Ravana's court, we need not feel that he too is wicked. He could also be Good like Sugriva, who earned the enmity of Vaali. You did enthrone Sugriva after killing Vaali. Likewise Vibheeshana might be thinking that you would eliminate Ravana and put him on the throne. There is a lot of difference betweenVibheeshana and those other Rakshasas like Ravana in their nature. I would say that it would be no mistake to take Vibheeshana under our protection and give him refuge."

Sri Rama weighed all these opinions for a while, and then pronounced his decision - "Vibheeshana may be the brother at wicked Ravana. As Hanumanta he may even be a good person. Whether he is
a friend or a foe, is not the important point for me. What is important is that he has come seeking help and refuge. Even if it is an enemy who stands with folded hands and seeks protection, he should not be killed. That is statecraft, a policy . Vibhee- shana has now come for protection, saying that he is on my side. So I receive him into my fold."

Vibheeshana prostrated before Sri Rama, placing his head on Rama's feet. "O, kind one, I have come as a supplicant. You are the protector of all who need help and refuge. Please protect me," he prayed. He then described the vile nature of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Indrajit and others. He narrated how he had tried to advise them. Then Sri Rama told Vibheeshana - "Dear friend, I will kill the wicked and unjust Ravana and his vile group in the war. I will put you on the throne of Lanka as you are a righteous person. This I swear in the name of my brothers Lakshamana,'Bharata and Shatrughna."

He then told Lakshmana, "Brother, fetch the holy water of the ocean and declare him the anointed King. He has not asked for it. But I am conferring it on him."

Lakshmana did his brothers bidding, proclaiming Vibheeshana the King of Lanka.

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