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Invaluable Help to Rama

Nala, one of the heroes of the monkey army, was an engineer. He now began to construct a bridge across the sea with the help of thousands of monkey heroes. Stretching from the southern shore right
up to the shores of the Island of Lanka, a strong bridge, one hundred yojanas in length, was got ready. Then Sri Rama's army crossed the ocean and reached the shores of Lanka. The war between Rama and Ravana began.

The Rakshasa hordes and the monkey, army fought a grim battle. Dhoomraaksha, was killed by Hanumanta Neela killed Prahasta. Every day Ravana had to hear of names of mighty Rakshasas killed by the enemies. At last only Kumbhakarna and Indrajit remained on Ravana's side. Kumbhakarna, with his body as big as a hill, opposed Rama.

Vibheeshana explained to Sri Rama Kumbhakarna has a boon from Brahma. If the truth about him were known,themonkey soldiers might run away in fear. So they must be told,Vibheeshanasuggested, that Kumbhakarna was only a huge mechanical scare-figure. Then one of Rama's arrows
killed Kumbhakarna.

Hearing of the death of his uncle, Indrajit came to the battlefield. He was a master in wielding supernatural powers and magic. As he came to the battlefront is chariot, he had brought with him a re in the likeness of Sita. He beheaded figure even as Hanumanta was looking on. The monkeys did not know that it was a conjured-up figure. Hearing that Sita was killed, Sri Rama fainted, unable to bear his consuming grief. His sorrow knew bounds even after he recovered from swoon. But  Vibheeshana now convinced Sri Rama that it was only the magic craft of Indrajit and persuaded him again to get ready to fight.
Meanwhile Indrajit went to the temple of Goddess Nikumbhila to perform a sacrificial 'homa' in order to acquiregreater power to conquer the enemy.Vibheeshana guessed this secret and told Sri Rama, "O Lord, Indrajit has to be killed before he reaches the temple of Nikumbhila. If he performs the 'homa and the worship completely, neither the angels nor any one at all can withstand and resist him. So please send the army at once under the command of Lakshmana and I will show them the way." Only Vibheeshana knew this secret.

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Invaluable Help To Rama

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