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The Virtuous, The Best of Devotees

By now the period of Sri Rama's banishment to the forests was over. He was ready to return to Ayodhya.

Vibheeshana had retained the Pushpaka airship for this impending journey of Sri Rama to Ayodhya. The plane was got ready for the flight and Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana got into it.Sugriva,Jambavanta, Hanumanta and other heroes also emplaned, along with Vibheeshana and his ministers. They were all very eager to witness the coronation of Sri Rama. As soon as Vibheeshana gave the command, the Pushpaka plane flew to Ayodhya.

The story of the virtuous Vibheeshana who was a great devotee of Sri Rama is narrated in the 'Ramayana' written by the ancient sage Valmiki. Vibheeshana, as a younger brother, had great affection and respect for his elder brother. But when Ravana erred, Vibheeshana boldly pointed it out. He stuck to the path of virtue even when there was danger to his life. When his angry brother banished him from Lanka, he joined the side that wasrigteous. Yet when the brother died, his grief  was boundless. He was a great soul who held 'Dharma' or righteousness higher than personal relationships and family ties.

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Vibheeshana - Devotee of Sri Rama
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