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Bond is sundered

Vibheeshana was highly vexed by these harsh words of Ravana. He was also agonised because the Rakshasa brethren reviled him. But it only stirred his self- respect.With that feeling and with courage, he stood up opposite Ravana and told him, her, you are elder to me, hence like a father, and so to be respected like God Himself. Therefore I take whatever you said as your blessings to me. It is that  I have spoken in a frank manner. Kindly excuse me. Can you remember the proverb that one who speaks too smoothly is but a hypocrite? Let me again warn you. Your end is drawing near and that is why you feel that I have enmity towards you. You feel I am like a hostile cousin. I am not worried. Still I wish to tell you that Sri Rama is no ordinary mortal. Please listen to me. Don't have him as your enemy. Take Sitadevi to him, and return her to him. Thereby win his favor and friendship.

"For me,the bonds of Lanka are sundered. The bond of living under your auspices is also broken. I go as a man banished from his own country. I should not remain here without a sense of self-respect. May you live long and retain Lanka! That will be possible with Sri Rama's blessing. So, good-bye to you."

With these words Vibheeshana flew into the sky. His four ministers also did so. Vibheeshana looked as if he was the great Meru Mountain with wings flying in the sky.

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