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Ravana - King of Lanka

Ravana's mother Kaikasi and his grand- father Sumali put evil ideas into his king him to take away the Kingdom of Lanka and the Pushpaka plane from Kubera. He ignored the principle that an elder  brother should be looked upon with the respect due to a father. Kubera had to flee from the kingdom. Ravana became the King of Lanka and began to rule over the Rakshasas.

Kubera went to the Kailasa region and g the area that he liked, established the Kingdom of the Yakshas. He ruled over his realm righteously. Ravana then cast his greedy eyes on Kubera's Pushpaka plane too. He behaved in a provocative way and began a war with Kubera. Defeating
'Kubera, he emplaned on the Pushpaka and came back from Kailasa to Lanka.

Ravana married Maya's daughter, Mando- dari, who was a very devoted wife and very righteous. He had a son by her, named Meghanaada (which means the 'sound of the clouds' or the 'sound of thunder'). Meghanaada defeated Indra, the king of angels, and earned the title of 'Indrajit' also. Ravana had many more wives from whom he had other sons like Akshaya- kumara, Anukampa and so on.

Vibheeshana married Sarama, daughter of the Gandharva king Shailusha. Sarama also was of a virtuous bent of mind like Vibheeshana, and full of good qualities.

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