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When The Brother is Unjust

Vibheeshana returned home from the royal court. His mind was full of concern for his brother. The whole night was over in thinking of what was right and what was wrong, of what was just and what was unjust. He loved his brother dearly, but was convinced that his abduction of Sita was
clearly unjust. He knew that Ravana obduracy would destroy him and destroy Lanka also. When he tried to show the just course, both Ravana and the sycophants flattered him would become angry beyond words. But Vibheeshana was determined not to swerve from the path of right- eousness and justice, whatever be the defficulties. He was prepared even to brave banishment from the country if it
came about.

As the morning dawned, Vibheeshana his bath and performed the daily ship. He then went straight to Ravana's palace. Seeing Ravana still in the midst of his worship of Lord Ishwara, he also prayed for his brother's welfare. As Ravana came out after the worship, Vibheeshana saluted him and both went to the royal court hall. Already Prahasta, Indrajit and other Rakshasa chiefs were waiting for Ravana. The discussions began.

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