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Brother's Love

Enraged by Indrajit's death, finally Ravana himself sat in his chariot and came to fight. A terrible battle ensued between Rama and Ravana. Ravana was also a great hero. But he was at last felled by

But now, seeing his brother fallen dead, Vibheeshana could not contain his sorrow. He collapsed on Ravana's corpse and wailed loudly - "Brother, you were a great hero. But now you are lonely like one deserted by all, and dead. One who was a great emperor and slept on a soft bed made of swan-feathers, you are now oil the rough ground strewn with stones and arrows. Your body, always adorned with gems and diamonds, is now pierced by arrows. 0, brother, did I not advise you, lest such a fate befall you? Could you not heed my words instead of dying thus?"

Sri Rama himself came and consoled him. And Vibheeshana said: "Sri Ramachandra, you are the Lord of the Worlds. Kindly grant me this request. My brother Ravana was a very great devotee of Ishwara, and a great hero who had conquered many worlds. He was ever charitable and a great
philanthropist. He always kind to his friends and relations to his employees and subjects. He was a renowned soldier who never showed his back to the enemy. Please permit me to conduct thecremation of such a great soul with all royal honours."

Thus Ravana's obsequies were performed by Vibheeshana who had been so much reviled by him. The devoted and virtuous wife Mandodari burnt herself on the funeral pyre of her husband, Ravana, according to the practice of "Sahagamana or I going together'.As promised by Sri Rama earlier, Vibheeshana was crowned the King of Lanka by Lakshmana.

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