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Rama and Lakshmana came with a monkey-army and set up camp on the southern seacoast.Ravana's spies brought him the news. With a disturbed he called another meeting of the council. Kumbha- karna, who was in slumber when the court met last, attended this meeting. He had been awakened from his sleep with great effort and brought to the meeting in a semi-sleepy state. He was like Ravana's right-arm, his main pillar of support.

Ravana explained to the Rakshasa leaders why he had called them for a meeting again. He said: "O Rakshasa chiefs, I have news that Rama's monkey hordes have set up camp on the southern' sea-coast with intent to take back Sita I am one who would not care for Rama or Lakshmana,
Sugriva, Hanumanta, Jambavanta or any others. But I felt that I should consult you all and so called this conclave."

Kumbhakarna was still half a sleep and did not understand the situation and the subject properly. But immediately after Ravana spoke, he stood up and said: "Brother, you should have consulted us  earlier. Then we could have given our considered opinion. Why did you go to Janasthana and bring Sita here kidnapping her? Did you do so with our consent? The situation is now so bad and critical. What is the use of thinking now?"

Ravana was feeling very uncomfortable with these words of his brother. Kumba- karna also was by now fully awake.Looking at Ravana's face, he realised that his words had displeased him. With more control on his tongue now, he began again in a more conciliatory manner – "My dear brother, any way Please stop worrying about it. The hearts of our enemies will be filled with fear even as they look at my mountain-like body. Their very entrails will swirl with fright at my lion-like roar. Before  any arrow of Rama can touch me, I would have pounced on him and drunk his blood. Bless me with your good wishes for victory and send me now." So thundered the huge-bodied Kumbhakarna.

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