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Wisdom is curbed

Vibheeshana was opposed to war. He spoke against the counsel of Kumbha- karna, and said: "I understand that brother Kumbhakarna is all for war. I appeal to you, Rakshasa chiefs, to realise that it is sheer madness to think that we could refuse to hand over Sitadevi and defeat Sri Rama. Sitadevi is no ordinary person but a great and divine lady. By fetching her here by force, we are only playing with fire. Please do not bring the flames of war to the gates of Kanaka-lanka, our golden city. Like a
deadly plague it will destroy not only Lanka but the entire Rakshasa population."

Hearing such words of sanity in the royal councils had become insufferable to Indrajit. These pleadings for peace fell harsh on his ears. His ire was great as he thought that his uncle’s advice crossed the limits even for his father’s tolerance. So with sparks of anger from his eyes Indrajit  thundered, "Uncle, you have always been like an axe on our Rakshasa community. You always speak like a coward and praise our enemies. For nothing you are afraid, and you put fright into us also. Is there one to challenge and oppose me in all the worlds - me, who has humbled Indra and is  so well known as (Indrajit' in the whole universe? Why can't you stop this flattery of our foes? So he reviled his uncle.

And Ravana also shouted in anger "Coward, you are treacherous to your own people. Because of my love for you as a brother, I have so far tolerated all your words with indulgence. One can rear a cobra or even trust enemies, but should not rely on relations who pretend to be friendly. Anyway you have shown your true colors at the right time. The truth is that your eyes cannot stand the dazzle of my grandeur and you are too jealous to tolerate my glory. You are a treacherous creature ruining the house that reared you and brought you up. Do not stand before me. Get out, and go anywhere. Cursed be your days!"

And the Rakshasa assembly in one loudly shouted - "Vibheeshana, you are an accursed one. May you be cursed our being false to our Rakshasa family for your treachery to Ravana!"

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