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"But Think, My Brethren"

Blood began to boil in the Rakshasa hordes. They all hungered for a fight.

Vibheeshana resolved to check these who were embarking on the path of war following the method of confrontation and punishment, which is the very last step in statecraft. He knew that if he did not check the overconfidence of these people, the ruin of Lanka would be a certainty. He knew that his words in this regard would be disliked by them.

But he felt that for the welfare of a, and to save Ravana, it was his duty to caution them. So he stood up, saluted Ravana, and turning to the Rakshasas said: 'you are brethren of my own Rakshasa clan. I beg of you to be patient. I salute you and request you to listen to my words calmly. In statecraft we have the four well-known methods or stages - Saama o good words of advice and persuasion, Daana or the attempt to win over with gifts andpromises, Bheda or the splitting of the enemy, and
finally, Danda or the last method of confrontation and punishment. But you seem to neglect all the three earlier methods and to believe only in the last one of force. Sri Rama, like us, is certainly a
hero.We have already witnessed the might of Hanumanta. Think also as to how many more thousands of heroes like Hanumanta there would be in their army." With these words he tried to tone down their clamour for a war.

Vibheeshana continued - "Brothers, let us think clearly and calmly. Who committed the first mistake? Was it not Khara who teased and troubled Rama andLakshmana who were minding their own busiess? Was it wrong on the part of Sri Rama and Lakshmana to have opposed khara in self- defence? You might still assert that the mistake is Sri Rama's. If so, why did you not start a war so far? Further, granting that Sri Rama may be our enemy, what has the poor lady Sitadevi done? Why should she be abducted? You all know the adage that haste makes waste.So,Please think before you leap, and think well."

Then he turned to Ravana- "Brother you have brought up all of us under your protection. We owe our very lives to you. So it is our duty to ensure your welfare. Our ministers have unfortunately forgotten that. They are misguiding you. Please do not listen to them. I have always thought of your welfare only. You are a great states- man. And you so well know the ways of the world. Do not ruin yourself by thinking only war. It is better to return to Sri Rama his wife Sitadevi whom you have brought here by stealth. Win over Sri Rama's friendship and favour, and be Safe."

Ravana's mind was highly disturbed by Vibheeshana's words of advice. He ended the Rakshasa conclave abrubtly, without any decision.

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