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Vibheeshana's Patriotism

As advised by Vibheeshana, Sri Rama sent a large army led by Lakshmana and Vibheeshana took them to the temple of Nikumbhila. Lakshmana's army confronted lindrajit, who even as he set his eyes on Vibheeshana, became mad with fury. His body shook with anger and he roared like ion, saying "You treacherous fellow, traitor to your country and to your own people, you have proved the fatal axe to your own relations and community."

Vibheeshana answered: "Know this well, Indrajit, that I am neither false to my community of Rakshasas nor given to unrighteous conduct. I do not deceive any one with the false powers of magic and I do not have the vile nature of feeling joyous at others, pain. Those who have the evil qualities mentioned by me, they are the treacherous and false ones. The Rakshasas, possessed of these vices and blind with their own arrogance, have misled Ravana. Ravana has tortured holy saints and rishis, made angels suffer, and has been cursed by thousands of virtuous Women. Think well as to whom is false and treacherous to his own country and his own people. People like you and Ravana are the traitors. You have ruined the country, and not I."

In the fight that ensued, Indrajit was killed by Lakshmana.

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