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"Your Kindness Is Boundless"

Hearing this noise, the wife in the house came out joyfully and asked, "Have your brought sugarcane?" and looking at the sugarcane, said: "Having gone so far to the field, did you bring only one cane?"

"No. The landlord had given a bundle of sugarcanes. I gave one to each of the children in the lane. The remaining one cane is here."

"Although children of our house are craving for sugarcane, nobody gave our children even a small piece. But you have given away everything and brought only one to the house. You have no care for the children." So saying, the wife became angry and in a fit of fury, hit her husband on the back with the sugarcane. " O Panduranga Vittala, protector of devotees, kindness incarnate! There is no limit to your sympathy to the devotees. Although I brought only one cane to the house, you converted it into four pieces! – said he joyfully. He gave a piece each to the two children, put one is his wife’s hand, and holding one piece in his hand, began to dance clapping his hands.

Looking at the man, so calm and full of patience, the wife who had beaten him was puzzled.

That figure of patience was Tukaram: a saint who was behaving as if there is more good fortune and pleasure in giving than in receiving. The lady who beat him on the back with sugarcane was his wife Jeejabai. Those who tasted the sugarcane were his children: Kashi and Mahadev.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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