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Spark Of Jealousy

Uttering some incoherent words, binding a charm, laying the ghosts and having these activities as a means for eking out a living-in these ways was Mumbaji living and was considered an ascetic. Another such ascetic was Salomalo who had grown fat by singing songs and poems and getting a handsome income. Both these people disliked saint Tukaram intensely although he was living a simple and virtuous life. Both these jointly approached Dharma- dhikari Rameshwara Bhat and complained. Tameshwar bhat was foolish enough to be moved by their incitement and came forward to raise a storm in Tukaram’s life.

Early next morning before sunrise Rameshwara Bhat came to Dehu village. Immediately he sent for the village head man and said; " I have come here to enquire about Tukaram."

"About what?" the village headman asked.

"What, headman, is it not foreboding of the end of the earth, if non-Brahmins read the Vedas, compose prayers songs and preach morality? If the activities of Tukaram continue like this, it will be the end of virtue. I have come here to restore morality. Get that non-Brahmin Tukaram.

The headman got Tukaram. Tukaram made obeisance to Dharmadhikari Rameswara Bhat.

"Fie on your obeisance and your prayers songs! Is there any place where non-Brahmins read Vedas, compose songs of prayer and preach to people? I have pardoned you for having committed mistakes so far in ignorance. Don’t do such things in future," thus thundered Dharmadhikari.

"Panduranga himself has ordered me to complete some incomplete songs composed by saint Namadeva. If you do not approve I will stop it."

"Stop it, stop it."

If so, what should I do with the poems completed so far?"

"Bundle them up and throw them into Indravani river,’ was the harsh order of Rameshwara Bhat.

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