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Home Again

"You, godly man, is it right for your to abandon us and live in this hillock?" asked Jeejabai humbly.

Tukaram, who was immersed in meditation, woke up.’ "How did you come her?" he asked in surprise.

"Is it not that only a woman can feel that it is like to search for her husband? Only a woman knows the meaning of what I am saying."

"What a statement with a hidden meaning! Truly today are like a teacher. Panduranga himself should have brought out these words from your mouth. In future I will search for the husband of my herart, thinking of him as my real husband.’

"It is that Panduranga who has churned your simple, virtuous mind, putting and end to all your activites, wrecking the family, and pushed you to a life of poverty. He has given a chance to people to say that Tukaram has lost all his property and ahs become a lunatic. Still you are thinking of that bad Panduranga."

"Neeedlessly, don’t curse my God."

"You are my God. I have absolutely no liking for that wretched Vittala who misled an innocent man like you, separating us and putting you trouble. It is he who upset our peaceful family life." Saying so, Jeejabai began to cry. Controlling the pressing grief, she said, "You have no eaten food for four or five days. Wash yourself. I have brought food. Please eat." She opened the food packet, served food to her husband and herself. Together they both ate to their satisfaction. Both happily reached home.

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